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Trusted & Accurate Investigative Data and Professional Security Consulting 


USProtect provides security consulting and skip tracing services all across America and to our clients overseas.


We offer a variety of services such as protection of personnel, resources and facilities fixed security posts and mobile patrols; access control and entry/exit inspections; incident response and reporting; X-ray, magnetometer, hand-wand device operation; and control center and closed circuit television operation.


Our services also include training, anti-terrorism training briefings, surveillance and counter surveillance, physical security and crime prevention inspections, surveys and risk assessments and emergency response and preparedness.


Our risk assessment services comprise site analysis, identification of potential hazards and threats, evaluation of security strengths and weaknesses; recommendations for mitigating threats, minimizing the risk of security emergencies and Red Teaming.

Our security consulting services  include:

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Policy and procedure review and development
  • Security audits
  • Security training
  • Security master planning
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness 
  • Red teaming
  • Active Shouter / Hostile Intruder 
  • Surveillance Detection And Human Intelligence 
  • Anti Terrorism Security Adviser for All areas of critical infrastructure and crowed places  
  • Facility or Campus surveys and inspections

Our  SkipTrace Professionals Service....

  • Investigators
  • Attorney Offices
  • Process Servers 
  • Bail Bondsman 
  • Collections Agencies 
  • Security Personnel 
  • General Public (assisting in locating long missing family or friends)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Locate your unclaimed property in California ABSOLUTELY FREE  Click  Here to Start a Search
  • And much More…

We also involve ourselves and stand by our community in assisting the less fortunate in life


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